I don´t have an e-card.

1. Do I have to do something?

Your e-card is issued and sent to you automatically after registering with the social insurance if

  • there is a photo of you available (from an Austrian passport, an Austrian identity card, an Austrian driving licence in a credit-card format or the register of foreign nationals)
  • or a legal exception applies to you.

If no photo is available and no exception applies it is not possible to issue a new e-card!

If you don´t know your social security number ask your social insurance institution.

Therefor if you

  • don´t have an Austrian passport, an Austrian identity card, an Austrian driving licence in a credit-card format or a document of the register of foreign nationals
  • are older than 14 and younger than 70 years of age
  • and do not qualify for care level 4, 5, 6 or 7

you have to submit a photo.

If the postal adress stated in your registration is outside of Austria, please contact your social insurance institution to make sure that your e-card can be delivered abroad.

2. When should I submit a photo?

Submit a passport photo to the registration office which is responsible for you as soon as possible.

At the latest when you are requested to do so by your doctor or social insurance institution.

3. What do I have to bring along?

You have to come in person to the registration office which is responsible for you and bring:

  • a photo according to the passport photo requirements
  • your current e-card or your Austrian social insurance number
  • As an Austrian citizen you have to show your ID and proof of citizenship (original documents). 
  • As a non-Austrian citizen you have to bring your travel document (e.g. passport or ID).

4. What happens if I don´t bring a photo?

If there is no photo of you available and therefore your e-card cannot be produced,  medical treatment in Austria is possible with your social security number and ID.

The next time you visit a doctor or you get in contact with your social insurance institution you will be informed that you have to submit a photo.

From the first request by the social insurance institution or your doctor a transition period of 90 days - regulated by law - starts to run.

Due to COVID-19 this transition period has been extended to 150 days until further notice.

If you do not provide a photo within the transition period your old e-card will be blocked.

You can get a temporary electronic e-card replacement voucher from your social insurance institution.