My e-card has been blocked.

From the first request by the social insurance institution or your doctor a transition period of 90 days - regulated by law - starts to run.

Due to COVID-19 this transition period has been extended to 150 days until further notice.

If you do not provide a photo within the transition period your old e-card will be blocked.

It is not possible to issue a new e-card as long as there is no photo available.

You have to submit a photo.

You have to come in person to the registration office which is responsible for you and bring:

  • a photo according to the passport photo requirements
  • your current e-card or your Austrian social insurance number
  • As an Austrian citizen you have to show your ID and proof of citizenship (original documents). 

As a non-Austrian citizen you have to bring your travel document (e.g. passport or ID).

You can get a temporary electronic e-card replacement voucher from your social insurance institution.